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Private and In-room Dining

Private Dining and Catering

For those very special moments that mean the world to you but the world doesn’t need to see, consult our chefs for a sumptuous menu that suits the occasion just the way you need or want it.

Themed meals or unique events at the exclusive Silhouette hall at the top floor of the Hotel Marinela Sofia is available only for you and your companions.

If you seek privacy for confidential discussions, quiet negotiations away from the noise and traffic of the hotel or stylish celebration away from the eyes of strangers, our hotel may offer a variety of locations for private dining in the wonderful atmosphere of our restaurants. Most of them have floors that can be entirely closed for other visitors or separate parlours.

In-room Dining

Enjoy your favourite tastes. Whether you wish breakfast in bed, private dining or romantic candle light dinner with your beloved, our Room Service will offer you a generous menu in he comfort of your room.
Our professional Room Service team is at your service around the clock.