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Restaurant Bulgar

Restaurant Bulgar - the tradition meets the modern reading of the Bulgarian cuisine in the new restaurant "Bulgar". 
The menu of Bulgar is a new reading of the Bulgarian cuisine - selected from dozens of recipes, preserved for thousands of years in the master books and passed as legends by the masters of the kitchen.
The name of the restaurant originates from grain crops, which for centuries, has been traditional for Bulgarian rental. The symbol of the restaurant is deer - it is present in the restaurant logo and is an essential element in the interior design, a mix of wood, metal, and leather with attention to every detail.

For reservations:

 + 359  877745555

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat, 17:00 - 00:00

Restaurant Style:

Fine Dining 


Traditional Bulgarian

Dress code:

Casual Elegant




160 guests (indoor) 

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