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Traditional "St.Nicolas Day" Menu

We celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6, in honor of St. Nicholas, who is the patron saint of seas, lakes, and rivers, sailors and fishers, and family.
The holiday is also celebrated as the name day of people whose names are similar to  Nikolai.
By tradition on the festive table, there should be fish - most often carp.
Stuffed carp with walnuts or rice with nice wine is a guarantee for a good mood and a lot of fun.
The preparation of the carp and the festive dinner is a time-consuming and challenging task.  That's why we at Hotel Marinela are pleased to offer you themed and tempting fish dinner in your family comfort, prepared by our culinary team.
Enjoy three cold appetizers and let us know how to prepare your fish dish in the spirit of the traditions of the Nikulden holiday.


PACKAGE PRICE: 94.00 BGN for 4 people
DATE: 06 December 2019
ORDER FOR HOME at: 0885 897 850 or

Traditions are a good thing to remember.
We will take care of the festive table, and you to have fun with the whole family.

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