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New reading club

New reading club "Read with us"

Hotel Mrinela is happy to announce a new reading club “Read with us”

Opening with the stories of seven remarkable women.

October 23 is the first edition of the new literary club "Read with Us" organized by the hotel "Marinela". Every second Sunday at 16:00. Hall "Vitosha" will hold meetings with Bulgarian writers, poets, translators and will discuss the most important literary journals of the season.

The first meeting with lovers of literature is devoted to women icons of XX century. The stories of Maria Callas, Coco Chanel, Wallis Simpson, Eva Peron, Barbara Hutton, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy were told by Spanish journalist Cristina Morato in the book "Rebellious wild" (publishing house "Enthusiast").

Thanks to the talent, beauty, and their bright personality, these remarkable women become true legends of the twentieth century. Famous, rich and attractive in the eyes of the whole world seems perfect. Icons of fashion and social life, they create their own style and have followed with admiration for the millions of women who dream to be like them. But what lies behind the public image ? And what is the price to be paid to be a queen on stage  to dictate the world fashion or simply to survive next you  your beloved one?

Reading of their remarkable stories will provide the translator of the book Boryana Dukova, stylist Ina Assa, journalist Georgi Milkov, a journalist and an ex member of the government  Yuliana Doncheva, actress Lilia Maravilha, the publisher Victoria Rogers and writer Lyuben Dilov Sin.

For the literary club "Read Us"

Literary club "Read with Us" organized by hotel "Marinela" collect connoisseurs of literature every second Sunday at 16:00.  "Vitosha" Hall. Matchpoint of poets, translators and literary critics.

For more information please contact with our Pubic Relation Manager – Kalina Paskaleva

tel: 0894/ 696 943, e-mail


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