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New reading club

New reading club "Read with us"

“Enthusiast” publisher and “Marinela” hotel established a new beginning of literature reading and discussions.

Kristina MOratos’s book “rebellious wild” gathered in hotel "Marinela" to present the stories of seven female icons of the 20th century - Maria Callas, Coco Chanel, Wallis Simpson, Eva Peron, Barbara Hutton, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. The fates of all of them were marked by difficult childhood tragedies in their personal lives but also the very ambition and strength, thanks to which managed to reach the tops of Fame and become true legends.

The publisher of "Enthusiast" Victoria Rogers opened the literary club "Read with Us" and promised that every second Sunday of the month in the hotel "Marinela" will talk about poetry and literature. "Reading is not boring and lonely job, so all together we will discuss books that excite our readers."

To “Read with us”, were artists Stavri Kalinov and Rumen Statkov business lady Vanya CHervenkova, Aneta Milkova member of the Board of Television ,many friends and lovers of literature. Lyuben Dilov Jr. took the role of moderator and connoisseur of women's stories.

The translator of the book Boryana Dukova was honored to present the first “rebellious wild” - Maria Callas. At the age of 14, the young singer was suffering from bulimia and she didn’t like herself not her life. " Wonder Children, suffer from having real childhood" said Kallas. Through the eyes of a stylist Ina Assa ,Coco Chanel was represented as a woman with an iron character and incredible talent. The most notable designer of the 20th century. Wallis Simpson –the Queen without a crown - became a legend because of King Edward VIII, who gave up the throne in the name of love. Prime Minister Winston Churchill defines their history as a "love affair of the century"

The journalist Georgi Milkov story about the power of Eva Perón, for the love of people to her, "life" after her death. The curtain over Barbara Hutton raised actress Lilia Maravilha. "No one will ever love me. Because of my money, but for myself - not. I'm destined to solitude. "Only 14 years old she inherited 26 million. Dollars and becomes the richest but also the saddest girl. Audrey Hepburn - the idealized actress from the golden age of Hollywood - said: "I have achieved everything by hard work and standing up against my own fears." Jackie Kennedy, attractive, educated and refined woman of French origin, are distinguished by their incredibly aristocratic style and remains in history as "the widow of America."

For the literary club "Read with Us"

Literary club "Read with Us" organized by the hotel "Marinela" collect lovers of literature every second Sunday of the month from 16:00 am. at "Vitosha" Hall. The new literary space of Sofia promises to be a match point for writers, poets, translators, literary critics.

Free admission Event is open to all lovers of literature!

We are expecting you!

For further information, please contact Kalina Paskaleva

tel. 0894/696 943, e-mail

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