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Days of Korean Cuisine and Culture

Days of Korean Cuisine and Culture

Hotel Marinela will open doors for the Korean cuisine under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Bulgaria.

Amateur and intrigued will have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of appetizers, fish meat and vegetable offerings, including traditional Kim Qi chi, rice pudding "Tteok - bokki", roasted veal "Galbi gui", Omaha pears and many others.
A variety of exotic dishes await you at a rich block created with the help of Tyrol Service.

Date: 30 September - 4 October

Time: 18:30h to 22:30h

Place: Lobby Bar Garden Hotel Marinela Sofia

Price: 28.00lv with compliment, ginger water with cucumber and lime

For Reservations: +359 2 969 24 70

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